Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Who Me?

When things happen around here, I always seem to get blamed.
Mom put the basket with the flowers in it on the chair. So it's my fault that a
few of them got in my mouth?
Look at this face... does it look innocent to you?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lip lickin' good

The best thing about my Mom being on a weight loss kick is that I get to have Chobani Yogurt.
Vanilla's my favorite, and the kind we always have.
It's really lip lickin' good. I just hope I can get rid of the yogurt mustache and that little bit that stays on my lower lip. Mom usually gets a napkin and wipes me off when we're done.
This is my sad face... all the yogurt is gone.


Diesel - my first friend

This is my first canine friend. His name is Diesel. I met him when I was visiting my Auntie Patti at her house.
She has a huge yard and I was running and playing when he came out to play.

He's a Great Dane and according to his
Mom, he weighs 120 lbs. WOW, I'm only 20 lbs.
(if you notice, his tail is longer than my whole body)

We got introduced and had a fun time running up and down the fence line.

I love to go to Auntie's house, she doesn't even yell when I trample her flower garden. I hope I can go there again soon. It would be really nice if Diesel was home and could come out and play with me again.

Have a treat filled day.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rain, Quilts and Me

There's nothing like a couple of quilts on a rainy day.
Perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Does Anyone Want to play with me???

I've been sitting here staring at my Mom and she is trying not to make eye contact with me. She says she's doing her bookwork . . . "Hello, don't you see the ball in my mouth?"

I'm just going to stare until she gives in!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hi, I'm Quahog!!!

Hi, I'm Quahog, I'm a Boston Terrier. This is the first picture my Mom took of me when they got me home. I was only 8 weeks old, 4 lbs and according to my parents - a handful.

I was born on August 18, 2010. Right now I'm 9 months old and I weigh 20 lbs.
I live in Burnsville, MN. I'm an only child, and I have a feeling that's the way it's gonna stay. Evidently, the puppy stage is not one that either of my parents want to do again. Wonder why?

I'm the third Quahog. My Mother is from Boston and since I'm a Boston Terrier she decided to give me a name that reminded her of home. A Quahog is a large clam. My family lived on the ocean and would dig their own clams and quahogs to make chowder. So, my registered name is Quahog Chowder III. (just for the record, there is no Quahog, Rhode Island like in the Family Guy)

My Mom owns a quilt shop in Apple Valley called Fabric Town. I use to go there everyday when I joined the family. I would play with all the ladies that came in and then sleep in my kennel.
It was great. The Wednesday ladies surprised my Mom and I with a Puppy Shower. You should have seen all the great toys and treats they brought me, I even received my very own quilt. It's made from dog print fabric and is all mine, I keep it in my kennel and sleep on it everyday.

Now that I'm bigger, I don't go to the shop any more. I usually lounge in my kennel til Mom gets home. I guess the rumor is that I was naughty at the shop and would whine - loudly in my kennel. Something about customers not liking it ya da ya da ya da. I'm not buying it, I was always cute and loveable, so I voiced my opinion - I thought that was in the constitution.

Anyway, I decided to do this blog so that everyone could watch me grow and see all the fun things I do.

I'll post new photo's from time to time. Right now I have a few that I will put on next time.

Til then... send treats