Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday morning walk.

What a beautiful morning for a walk. It's a little humid but not enough to keep us inside. 

Mom and I went down the street toward the park, nice homes to look at and usually a few bunnies for me to chase. We stopped and Mom was watching 6 huge crows eating something in the road. She kept saying it was gross and disgusting. I really couldn't get a good view, I've learned not to go near crows or Canadian Geese. I was told that when they look at a little "full bodied" Boston, like myself, that loud noise they make is them saying to each other... "Look at that tasty morsel". So needless to say, I found something else to look at.

Did you know that in some countries large black ants are considered a delicacy? Well, while my Mom was watching the crows eat the squished thing, I found some of those really big delicacies on the sidewalk. By the time Mom looked down I had eaten a few. She was'nt happy,  She said it was yucky and icky and we had to head toward home. If you want my opinion, I think she was just jealous because I got all the really big ones.

That's how my Sunday is starting out... I hope you have a good day. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to find some kind of delicacy of your own. When in doubt.. Milkbone works for me.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Opening a new chapter.

I got to go to Fabric Town yesterday afternoon. WOW, it sure looks empty from the last time I was in.
Almost everything is gone because of the sale. Saturday is the last day... Mom's feeling pretty sad.

While I was there, the Civil War club was meeting for the last time so I got to meet some of the ladies. Nice group, and I smelled cookies in a bag. Unfortunately, my Mom whisked me out of there before I had a chance to sample one.

When we left the shop, Mom took me two doors down and showed me the new place. I guess Aunt Nancy and Mom are opening another store. This time it's Antiques, Collectibles and some kind of Treasures. I know my Mom says I'm a treasure, so that must mean I'm going to be there alot. I was told that there was  plenty of room to move my little kennel in the back office. Whatever, it works for me. Staying home alone all day gets old.

Oh, forgot to thank the ladies who inquired about my blog. Yes, I'll still be writing it after Fabric Town closes. Mom is going to discontinue her shop blog and start a new one. I believe it's going to be called something like "The Cranberry Bog".  I think she's  still deciding. Also, they're going to do one for our new adventure called "Next Act".  (that's the name of the new shop)

I'm excited to be included in the new shop, not much exciting going on in my life lately - ready for a change. There's alot I can contribute. I'm good at watching and even better at listening. I help Mom with all kinds of things now - this should be wonderful. Just getting to spend time with Aunt Nancy is going to be great. I happen to know that she's generous with treats and loves little Bostons.  I think this is going to be a win-win situation for all of us.

Keep watching - I'll post some photos as we move forward.

Meanwhile - Have a Lotta Treats kind of day!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

102 degrees

It's 102 degrees out today. I'm staying in with the Air Conditioning on.

Little Boston Terriers, Pugs, Frenchies and Bull dogs struggle in this kind of heat. Our nasal passages aren't made to breath hot humid air.

If you have one of us.. please keep our trips outside to a minimum, and don't forget lots of cool fresh water.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Not off to a good start

Why does everyone always point the finger at me when stuff happens?

The TV still turns on.. so it's not broken, just a little rough around the edges. So far my Thursday isn't starting off very well.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Still Happy & Naughty

 Hi, My Mom said that people have been asking if I stopped blogging or she gave me away for being so naughty.. like she keeps threatening. Well the answer is NO, I'm still happy and naughty. I haven't had alot of computer time since the shop started closing. Mom has to turn the computer on for me and she's been really busy.

I'll just give you a brief update on what I've been doing for the past week. Well, it seems that while I was watching television and resting on the couch, a piece of old tattered quilt fabric got in my mouth. I didn't do the whole tear, it was already started when I got my piece. This photo is me with the little piece of fabric... back under the table so Mom can't reach me. She was pretty mad. Kept yelling something about vintage..old and killing. I just stayed under the table until the smoke cleared.

 This is the part of the quilt that got the hole. It's not like it was new, and it has several spots that you can see the batting. But I got blamed for it like I did all the damage. That's what happens when you get caught with one little piece.
Right now I'm on the deck. Mom got off the chair to go in and refill her coffee so I took her spot. We just came in from a walk. I get Mom up at approximately 5:54 every morning. She loves it when I put my little rubber toy on her face. This morning we went for a nice walk down by the park.

While on our walk I did some fun things. Mom's not thrilled about them but Hey, the opportunity was there and I took it. First I licked an ant hill...then I found a really nice piece of previously experienced green apple gum. I like the gum - for the short time I was allowed to have it. After that we went home. Mom didn't seem to be having as much fun as I was  (she was mumbling under breath about obedience training when the shop closed) who knows what that was all about.

So that's a quick update.  I'm still doing OK, still happy and occasionally naughty.

Have a Milkbone kind of day...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No time to blog lately

Hi, it's me... haven't had much time or anything interesting to blog about for awhile. My Mom is closing her shop so things at my house are not fun right now. I'm trying to be as good as possible, seems like tempers are high - especially when something gets slightly chewed or licked. Hope all is good with you. I'll write more when I can get some quiet computer time.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mom's home

Mom came home last night about 8:30. I was so glad to see her that I jumped up on her lap and kissed her all over her face. She was laughing and hugging me, and it felt good.

I know it's important for her to travel sometimes. I just hope it's a long time before she has to go again. Dad did a great job but  I think Mom was a little upset that the entire box of treats was gone in 5 days. (something about my vanishing waistline). Dad is generous with the treats, he took me for walks and snuggles with me.  BUT, he's not my Mom.

Thanks Laurel, Debbie and Pam for bringing her home safely.