Saturday, June 30, 2012

Still Happy & Naughty

 Hi, My Mom said that people have been asking if I stopped blogging or she gave me away for being so naughty.. like she keeps threatening. Well the answer is NO, I'm still happy and naughty. I haven't had alot of computer time since the shop started closing. Mom has to turn the computer on for me and she's been really busy.

I'll just give you a brief update on what I've been doing for the past week. Well, it seems that while I was watching television and resting on the couch, a piece of old tattered quilt fabric got in my mouth. I didn't do the whole tear, it was already started when I got my piece. This photo is me with the little piece of fabric... back under the table so Mom can't reach me. She was pretty mad. Kept yelling something about vintage..old and killing. I just stayed under the table until the smoke cleared.

 This is the part of the quilt that got the hole. It's not like it was new, and it has several spots that you can see the batting. But I got blamed for it like I did all the damage. That's what happens when you get caught with one little piece.
Right now I'm on the deck. Mom got off the chair to go in and refill her coffee so I took her spot. We just came in from a walk. I get Mom up at approximately 5:54 every morning. She loves it when I put my little rubber toy on her face. This morning we went for a nice walk down by the park.

While on our walk I did some fun things. Mom's not thrilled about them but Hey, the opportunity was there and I took it. First I licked an ant hill...then I found a really nice piece of previously experienced green apple gum. I like the gum - for the short time I was allowed to have it. After that we went home. Mom didn't seem to be having as much fun as I was  (she was mumbling under breath about obedience training when the shop closed) who knows what that was all about.

So that's a quick update.  I'm still doing OK, still happy and occasionally naughty.

Have a Milkbone kind of day...

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