Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Mom is gone for 6 days...

My Mother left yesterday with Aunt Heide to go to Des Moines. I have no idea where Des Moines is, and to be honest - I don't care. All I want is my Mom to come home. Dad is in charge and it's just not working out for me.

The sleeping arrangements are totally different, I sleep with my Mom. Dad is  not as forgiving when I get into trouble - which happens hourly. And he doesn't make my breakfast and dinner like Mom.

If you see her, can you tell her to come home.

Thanks - Qua

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bees vs Bostons

Yesterday, while my Mom was working on her bookwork, she left the screen door open for me. She does this so I can go out on the deck and lay in the sun.

Sometimes I catch flies when they go by my face, and a spider crawling along is fair game.

See the red welts on my belly.... that's what happens when you catch a BEE in your mouth. I was just laying there and one came by me - so I jumped up and caught him. At the same time I did that, my Mom jumped up and grabbed me. She opened my mouth and let the bee out. She knew it was probably going to be trouble, they experienced bee problems with Quahog # 1. He got stung and almost died.

Within 5 minutes, I was throwing up and my body was getting covered with dime size hives. Then the swelling started. I was turning into a Sharpei right before my Mom's eyes. The hives started to turn to welts and I was getting redder and redder. My breathing was starting to become labored... Next thing I knew I was scooped up and heading for the car. (never under estimate the speed a VW Beetle can go with a panicking Mom behind the wheel)

We went to the vet, he gave me two shots and a prescription to take for a few days. Within an hour I was starting to feel better and the swelling was going down.

The pictures aren't the best, I guess taking photos was not the first thing on Mom's mind. She did manage to get a few when we got home.

The medicine made me very sleepy. I heard my Mom on the phone telling someone that she loves it when I'm quiet and not into things.

In the sleeping photo, you can still see the redness that is left on my cheeks and especially my eyelids. Other than that, I'm back to my old self.

So, right now the score is

Bees 1 Bostons 0

I guess I'll just stick to the occasional fly or spider.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My mornings off to a questionable start.

That looks like me, hiding under the dining room table. Hmmmmmm... what could have happened?

Dad left for work about 5 minutes ago, my Mother was in the "Powder room" - that left me unattended.

Unattended usually means that I'm into something. Or at least I always seem to get blamed for what ever happens.

Mom just bought Dad two really fluffy pillows at IKEA. They're the kind with the little tiny individual pieces of stuffing - kinda balled up. Not like the solid kind. The little balls are alot easier to fit through a tiny hole... if one should happen to get in the pillow.

When my Mom came out of the powder room... all hell broke loose. First she was after me to get the stuffing out of my mouth - that's where the dining room chairs come into play. She has to get down on the floor to get me and then I move to the next one. Then she had to go in and take a picture of my "mistake" so she could tell everyone that I'm Naughty.

I like to think of it as Curious, Inquisitive, Playful, Adventurous or anything but naughty.

My opinion.. just put the stuffing back and no one will be the wiser. What's the big deal, there's lots left in it.


Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry. This sock was laying on the pile of sorted laundry in the laundry room. I always grab the socks and run around with them. How was I suppose to know that this  particular pair was made for my Mom by her friend Laurel.

Dad was picking up the bedroom and found them on top of the dresser. He assumed they were dirty so he put them in the pile The truth is that my Mom wears them as slippers and puts them up on the dresser after she wears them to prevent anyone from getting them. Another thing about these socks, my Mother doesn't  wash these, they go to the dry cleaner so they don't shrink or get worn looking.

We ended up going to Fabric Town to see Heide, she's a knitter. As we were on our way there, Aunt Laurel called cuz she saw my Facebook post. She really wasn't mad, but then again she's too nice to yell at me. My Mom on the other hand... yelled LOUDLY.

I am really sorry for putting a hole in the cuff.

I hope the "Gypsy" thing I keep hearing about is really not true, I like living here.


Monday, September 5, 2011

My first "Social Event"

Here I am, going down the steps to my very first Social Event. There are 25 people and my Aunt Nancy's dog Maggie in attendance.

I was warned in the car on the way over - not to be naughty, no biting or upsetting Maggie and not to eat bad things in the grass or the flowerbeds.

It was a great time. I mingled with all the guests, they liked me.

Maggie acted like I was an annoyance. I may be young, but I was wise to her "hard to get" act.

The food was wonderful, they had everything you could want... and more. Of course, my Mom informed everyone NOT to give me stuff. Most of the guests listened to her but a few were on the same page as me. (I really like corn and chips.)

This is a pic of me strolling across the patio heading for the covered area. I found that's where it's easier to find tasty treats.

We don't have a yard so it's really fun to run and run and roll and jump and just be a puppy. I was terrorizing Aunt Nancy's gardens and nobody was yelling. They even had a pool, but I wasn't invited for a swim.

My Mom said that the best part of the day was when we got home and I slept like a rock ALL NIGHT. Usually I wake her at least every half hour to rotate my position under the covers.
Well, fresh air must be the answer because I was really wiped out.

I hope we can go back again another time before the snow. I want to run around the yard again and have some more fun.

Hope you enjoyed your Labor day weekend as much as I did mine.