Monday, September 5, 2011

My first "Social Event"

Here I am, going down the steps to my very first Social Event. There are 25 people and my Aunt Nancy's dog Maggie in attendance.

I was warned in the car on the way over - not to be naughty, no biting or upsetting Maggie and not to eat bad things in the grass or the flowerbeds.

It was a great time. I mingled with all the guests, they liked me.

Maggie acted like I was an annoyance. I may be young, but I was wise to her "hard to get" act.

The food was wonderful, they had everything you could want... and more. Of course, my Mom informed everyone NOT to give me stuff. Most of the guests listened to her but a few were on the same page as me. (I really like corn and chips.)

This is a pic of me strolling across the patio heading for the covered area. I found that's where it's easier to find tasty treats.

We don't have a yard so it's really fun to run and run and roll and jump and just be a puppy. I was terrorizing Aunt Nancy's gardens and nobody was yelling. They even had a pool, but I wasn't invited for a swim.

My Mom said that the best part of the day was when we got home and I slept like a rock ALL NIGHT. Usually I wake her at least every half hour to rotate my position under the covers.
Well, fresh air must be the answer because I was really wiped out.

I hope we can go back again another time before the snow. I want to run around the yard again and have some more fun.

Hope you enjoyed your Labor day weekend as much as I did mine.


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