Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bees vs Bostons

Yesterday, while my Mom was working on her bookwork, she left the screen door open for me. She does this so I can go out on the deck and lay in the sun.

Sometimes I catch flies when they go by my face, and a spider crawling along is fair game.

See the red welts on my belly.... that's what happens when you catch a BEE in your mouth. I was just laying there and one came by me - so I jumped up and caught him. At the same time I did that, my Mom jumped up and grabbed me. She opened my mouth and let the bee out. She knew it was probably going to be trouble, they experienced bee problems with Quahog # 1. He got stung and almost died.

Within 5 minutes, I was throwing up and my body was getting covered with dime size hives. Then the swelling started. I was turning into a Sharpei right before my Mom's eyes. The hives started to turn to welts and I was getting redder and redder. My breathing was starting to become labored... Next thing I knew I was scooped up and heading for the car. (never under estimate the speed a VW Beetle can go with a panicking Mom behind the wheel)

We went to the vet, he gave me two shots and a prescription to take for a few days. Within an hour I was starting to feel better and the swelling was going down.

The pictures aren't the best, I guess taking photos was not the first thing on Mom's mind. She did manage to get a few when we got home.

The medicine made me very sleepy. I heard my Mom on the phone telling someone that she loves it when I'm quiet and not into things.

In the sleeping photo, you can still see the redness that is left on my cheeks and especially my eyelids. Other than that, I'm back to my old self.

So, right now the score is

Bees 1 Bostons 0

I guess I'll just stick to the occasional fly or spider.


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