Friday, December 30, 2011

My favorite Christmas Gift

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was very nice, and I thank you for the cards.

I was really excited with all the toys and treats that I received. But I wanted to show you my "Bestest" favorite.  My friend Heide from Moms shop gave this box of treats to me. They came from a fancy dog shop at the Mall of America, it specialize in all kinds of great things for dogs like me.

These treats are dipped in Milk and White Chocolate. Mom told me I could have these... they aren't the same as the candy bars that Dad always has. Those kind they won't share with me. Infact they read the label to me and it says right there on the Hershey bar "do not give to your Boston Terrier, it will cause a stomach ache.". So I don't eat that kind. 

 I love this kind, and I don't share it with Mom or Dad... I tell them is says on the label "do not share with your parents, it will give them a stomach ache". 

The one problem I'm having is that Mom is in control of how many I get per day... I think Heide should give the box directly to me next time. Now that I'm older, I would be responsible and not eat them all at once. I bet I could stretch them out for 2 hours (give or take an hour).

Anyway, I just wanted to show you my very special gift. Thank you Heide, you never let me down.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Not much to write about lately.

I want to apologize for not blogging lately.  The truth is, my Mom has been home for the past 4 weeks recouping from surgery - so I've been busy taking care of her.

I have to make sure that she eats and rests. I start the morning out banging my bowl around the kitchen until she feeds me. That gives her the idea to have some cereal or even Chobani.  I then help her eat so she's not alone.  Next is the nap times. We get in our little bed and I snuggle with my head on her shoulder - under the covers all toasty warm.  That's the same way we sleep at night but during the day we often watch TV while knapping. I'm going to be sad when she goes back to work. 

Her hours are changing. She'll now be working a couple days, Thursday nights, a few Sundays and then fill in where she's needed. She's got alot going on at home so she's going to rearrange her in shop hours to accomodate that. While she's been recouping, she's worked on a new Block-of-the-Month, a spring wallhanging, a spring appliqued towel and now has the fabric to do a table topper.

Then she's working with Lola on the Shop Hop Quilt and getting ready for the Quilt Sewcial. Like I said, she's suppose to be taking it easy but she's still working at the same a pace. Dad says she's a Type A personality... not sure what that means but I love her so it works for me.

We spent last night wrapping a few Christmas gifts for My Grandmother. Mom did most of the wrapping, I just waited to catch any paper scraps that fell off the table. I may be small, but I think I smelled and heard a box of my favorite kind of treats being wrapped... for Gramma.  Hmmm that's seems strange to me, I didn't know she ate milk bones. Hopefully, I'll be there when she opens them and use my adorable face - how could she turn those eyes down?

I'll update you on my christmas, I hope you are all ready and looking forward to enjoying the holiday with your family and friends. Send me a few photos of your tree or a gift you received. I'd love to see them.

Just incase I don't get the chance to blog again before then, You all have a great Holiday and be safe.