Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Opening a new chapter.

I got to go to Fabric Town yesterday afternoon. WOW, it sure looks empty from the last time I was in.
Almost everything is gone because of the sale. Saturday is the last day... Mom's feeling pretty sad.

While I was there, the Civil War club was meeting for the last time so I got to meet some of the ladies. Nice group, and I smelled cookies in a bag. Unfortunately, my Mom whisked me out of there before I had a chance to sample one.

When we left the shop, Mom took me two doors down and showed me the new place. I guess Aunt Nancy and Mom are opening another store. This time it's Antiques, Collectibles and some kind of Treasures. I know my Mom says I'm a treasure, so that must mean I'm going to be there alot. I was told that there was  plenty of room to move my little kennel in the back office. Whatever, it works for me. Staying home alone all day gets old.

Oh, forgot to thank the ladies who inquired about my blog. Yes, I'll still be writing it after Fabric Town closes. Mom is going to discontinue her shop blog and start a new one. I believe it's going to be called something like "The Cranberry Bog".  I think she's  still deciding. Also, they're going to do one for our new adventure called "Next Act".  (that's the name of the new shop)

I'm excited to be included in the new shop, not much exciting going on in my life lately - ready for a change. There's alot I can contribute. I'm good at watching and even better at listening. I help Mom with all kinds of things now - this should be wonderful. Just getting to spend time with Aunt Nancy is going to be great. I happen to know that she's generous with treats and loves little Bostons.  I think this is going to be a win-win situation for all of us.

Keep watching - I'll post some photos as we move forward.

Meanwhile - Have a Lotta Treats kind of day!!

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