Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday morning walk.

What a beautiful morning for a walk. It's a little humid but not enough to keep us inside. 

Mom and I went down the street toward the park, nice homes to look at and usually a few bunnies for me to chase. We stopped and Mom was watching 6 huge crows eating something in the road. She kept saying it was gross and disgusting. I really couldn't get a good view, I've learned not to go near crows or Canadian Geese. I was told that when they look at a little "full bodied" Boston, like myself, that loud noise they make is them saying to each other... "Look at that tasty morsel". So needless to say, I found something else to look at.

Did you know that in some countries large black ants are considered a delicacy? Well, while my Mom was watching the crows eat the squished thing, I found some of those really big delicacies on the sidewalk. By the time Mom looked down I had eaten a few. She was'nt happy,  She said it was yucky and icky and we had to head toward home. If you want my opinion, I think she was just jealous because I got all the really big ones.

That's how my Sunday is starting out... I hope you have a good day. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to find some kind of delicacy of your own. When in doubt.. Milkbone works for me.


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