Thursday, June 23, 2011

Diesel - my first friend

This is my first canine friend. His name is Diesel. I met him when I was visiting my Auntie Patti at her house.
She has a huge yard and I was running and playing when he came out to play.

He's a Great Dane and according to his
Mom, he weighs 120 lbs. WOW, I'm only 20 lbs.
(if you notice, his tail is longer than my whole body)

We got introduced and had a fun time running up and down the fence line.

I love to go to Auntie's house, she doesn't even yell when I trample her flower garden. I hope I can go there again soon. It would be really nice if Diesel was home and could come out and play with me again.

Have a treat filled day.

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