Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My trip to Fabric Town

Today, I got to go in the truck to Fabric Town to see the Wednesday Ladies

I got there just in time. Everyone was having lunch. That's Miss Evelyn, she was having a really tasty looking sandwich.

I love Theresa... she shares. She gave me a little of her fried rice from Lee Ann Chins.

I stopped to check out a nice quilt that Becky made. Notice how nice I'm sitting and not being naughty.

I'm just resting on Heide's fancy chair. She lets me... we're pretty close. Theresa made the pretty table topper, it's hard to see it but there's some nice embroidery in the border.

Time to go home. I'm heading for the door, that's Janet A. at the counter she's known me since I was a sprout too.  I had a great time, the Wednesday Ladies were my first friends. It was nice to see them again.

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