Friday, August 5, 2011

Geese don't like little Boston Terriers.

Yesterday, my Mom and I drove to a new place to take a walk. It was in a neighborhood with nice homes and lots of grassy areas.

I really was enjoying the new place, BUT... while we were there a few Canadian Geese arrived. WOW, they're big.

My Mom suggested that we not go too close to them. I just wanted to get a better look, who knows -maybe try to be friends.

Well, Mom was right. See the one in the picture with its head up.... that's the spotter. His job is too watch for little Boston Terriers and then tell the others.

All of a sudden he started to yell and come towards us. Being "tough" I tried to advance, my Mother was pulling me in the opposite direction the whole time. The goose came fast... squawking and carrying on. I realized at that point that Geese don't like Boston Terriers.

After we were in the truck, we took the picture - from a distance. From now on we will stay in our own neighborhood when we walk.

For the record, my Mom can really run fast. I couldn't keep up so at times I was airborne like a kite.


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