Monday, May 14, 2012

My first "Up North" experience

That's me, right up front with Mom and Dad. We're going to visit my Grandma Liz. She lives in Aitkin... that's up North.

Here I am running down the driveway with Dad. This is the fist time I haven't had to be on a leash when we walk. It's fun up here. Lots of birds and little animals. I even saw a Red squirrel. The bad part is that Mom and Dad found 2 wood ticks walking on me... yuck.

I know I look tiny in the pictures, but if you look really closely at my face... you can tell I'm having a great time.

In this photo I'm just sitting, resting with Dad. It's a long walk for a little guy.

The yard is so big and has lots of pine trees and areas to explore.

I'm just taking a quick break. The fresh air and all the activity has really worn me out. Next time we come up I'll know to pace myself a little better.

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