Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just resting

 This morning, my Mom was working on her "Comfort & Joy" Block of the Month. She's only got a few more blocks to add then attach the borders and it will be ready to be quilted. As you can see, I'm ready to get a little comfort out of it.
Mom asked me,  "why did I have to sit on her quilt with all the other floor space available"? One of the reasons, she was taking photo's of it and I like to have my picture taken. I was doing OK until she turned around, then I snatched a Log Cabin block and ran under the table with it.. no damage, just a little damp on the corner. However, it didn't go over very well. It wasn't like I grabbed an applique block but just the same - Naughty again!!!

Oh by the way, if you want to make a "Comfort & Joy" quilt for yourself there are a few kits still available at Moms shop. Call and reserve one, tell the ladies Quahog sent you.

Have a nice day - stay out of trouble.

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