Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Small Boston Terrier looking for a new home...

Does anyone want a Small Boston Terrier... I have a feeling that my Mother is going to put me on the curb with a "Free to a good Home" sign on me. (or there's always the Gypsy's)

I was doing a little counter surfing... scooting along the cabinets trying to pull the hand towel off. When I got a hold of the corner and pulled. How was I suppose to know that on top of the towel was an open, 4 lb box of minute rice?

It came down on top of me, then hit the floor. I guess you can picture what happened next. Mom didn't get a photo... after she got done chasing me and yelling REALLY naughty things, she got out the broom. What a mess, there was rice everywhere.

So, if you don't hear from me soon... she gave me to the Gypsys.


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