Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving....

Hi, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. If you remember, last year I was too little to understand. Now that I'm big, I'm aware of what a holiday is.

I've been laying under the chair listening to my parents talk about Thanksgiving. I heard my Mom saying to my Dad, "I've got to get the pies to take to Nancy's". So evidently, we're going to my Aunts house for pie........ then Mom was saying it was her favorite holiday and meal. Didn't take me long to understand what that meant... were going for a big meal. Things were going along pretty well until my mother sighed and said "there goes the 7 lbs I just lost". Hmmm, I get blamed for everything around here, I hope they don't think I took the lbs.

I hope you all have some Thanksgiving plans to go to your Aunts house for pie and a meal. Sounds great to me.....  Have a safe holiday.


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