Saturday, November 19, 2011

Today was the first snow of the season.

I don't remember much about the snow from last year, I was born in August so when it snowed I was only about 12 weeks.  WOW - white, fluffy and cold on my paws.

Mom got me all dressed up in my new sweater and Dad took me down. I tinkled on the tree, turned around and headed up the stairs. Not liking snow. Dad wasn't happy, he said it took me longer to get dressed then it did to do only half my business. Guess who took me out 15 minutes Mom. She bundled me up again and took me out. She just had surgery and isn't exactly suppose to be doing three sets of stair but for me, she did. We went slowly and then she found me a place where the snow wasn't as deep on my paws. I did my thing and we headed in going very slowly and carefully. I love my Mom, she's always willing to help me out.

Tomorrow if I go out, I'll have Mom take a picture of me in my sweater in the snow. You saw the sweater in a post a while ago... but not with me really enjoying the warmth.

I hope you're all warm and snuggly...according to my parents, this is just the beginning.


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