Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A little better today

I'm sleeping in the sun. You can see my ear is all scratched up and raw. My nose and cheeks are alot less red and itchy since my Mom tried a new gel on me.

This is Mary Ellen's "Made by Hand" therapy gel. It's for quilters. It says on the tube that it has White Willow Bark in it, which is proven to relieve pain and is an anti-inflammatory.

Mom put it on her hand where she had a scratch to see if it burned. She wouldn't want to put it on my face if it would cause me more pain. It felt good on her hands so she lightly put it on my ear and cheeks.

It felt cool and soothing, and since I can lick my cheeks..
it doesn't taste too bad either.
We noticed that it did stop the itching and reduced some of the redness. It didn't take away all the problem, I still have to go to the dermatologist to figure out what's causing this. But I will say, it is giving me some relief.

I think I'm gonna call Mary Ellen and tell her that she may be onto something. Next will be her  Veterinary line of products.. right there on the shelf with her Quilt wash, Best Press and Hand Therapy Gel. All because of one little Boston.

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