Friday, March 16, 2012

On the road to recovery?

I'm looking pretty serious in this photo. Well, this allergy thing is making me sad. Yesterday, my Mom got another medication to add to the two I'm already taking and it may be helping. This morning my face was less red, my eye lids weren't swollen and I didn't feel as itchy as I had been.

 Another change my Mom made - she threw out all the crispy dry dog food.  She went to Von Hanson's and had them grind up a Sirloin for me. She boiled it til any grease was out then added it to rice. She says she doesn't want me to eat corn, wheat or any thing that ends in chloride. Once my system is cleaned out we can try adding back the crispy brown things. Personally, breakfast and dinner are really good and I don't miss the dog food.   (Another thing that's helping me feel better - I got new toys. This allergy could actually be working to my advantage, but please don't tell my Mom)

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